Math Websites

Interactive Websites 

1. Graphing Absolute Value Inequalities: 

 2.  Graphing a line from its equation: 

 3.  Finding the domain of a function and graph it on a number line: 

4.  Connect points to draw the graph of a function: 

5.  Finding the domain and range of a function and graph them on a number line: 

6.  Games matching graphs to equations: 

 7.  The Big Function Graph Puzzle (matching graphs of linear and quadratic functions to their equations:

 8.  Finding the equation of a transformation of a function:

 9.  Transformations of Functions using "The Shifter": 

10.  A collection of Mathematical Applets: 

 11. Graphing Quadratics: 

 12.  Polynomial function Graphs:

 13.  Transformations of Absolute Value

 14.  Animations of Power Functions: